Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gagi the Unicorn is Here! Who is Gagi anyway?

This is my very first post and I hope you will join me in celebrating the creation and life of Gagi the Unicorn.
    I wrote, created, and illustrated a series of children's picture books for children ages 3 to 6. Gagi is  a sweet and kind spirited unicorn who is either a boy or girl. You get to decide!
   What does "Gagi ( pronounced "Gah-Gee") mean anyway? Well, my daughter, Catie, had the funniest words as a baby. Before she could formulate the proper pronunciation of words; she would make up her own ( just like most children do!). She couldn't say "I love you" but she could say "Gagi" mama Gagi. She would hug me every time she said it; which made me realize what it meant.
    Catie loved unicorns almost as much as me; well, maybe as much (ha ha) . We would create our own fictious stories at bedtime. Catie eventually would always end our bedtime stories with this one:
   "Goodnight with rainbows and unicorns that slide over the rainbows and after they jump on cotton candy clouds and bend down to eat them; they enter the land of candy as you are riding on a unicorn." "Gagi Mama, Gagi".
   Catie is now a teenager and even to this day; her story has stuck with me. Little did I know, one day her lovely little tale would end up as a children's book series! I am full time writer ( yes, my dream has come true). I am currently working on an adult novel that I thought would be the first published. Boy, was I wrong!
 Though some feel picture books shouldn't have a rhythmic flow to them, these books do for a reason. Everything is about kindness, how fun reading can be, and how important visual illustrations are to the one who is interpreting them. To me, everything is about personal interpretation; what you see may not be what another does. How you feel about something may not be how somehow else feels about it. In turn, if even one page ignites a story to the reader; the book has done its job!
    "Just Hold Me Books" is my LLC for a reason. The book is published in a large 8"x8" glossy board format so that two people can enjoy reading it. Imagine a child being held when reading a big bright book and how one day they will remember it!
   This series has taken me well over five years to create (and yes; it is still ongoing!). Every single page that I create must emit kindness and most importantly bring a smile to the reader!
    "Into the World of Gagi The Unicorn" is now available on my website; or www.marycatherineleakan. It is available on Kindle and Amazon as well.
"Let us explore the many adventures to see; each and every one of them....Where will you be?
    Join me on my blog page to see how Gagi The Unicorn develops!


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