Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gagi The Unicorn Wishes you and yours a Happy Happy HAPPY Holiday Season!

Hi there!
   What a busy holiday it is! Gagi The Unicorn is looking forward to the New Year with YOU! Please check out Events page to see what Gagi will be up to next!
     Plan on seeing Book Two "Look At Me" release date, author signing appearances/dates, specialty retail outlets carrying Gagi the Unicorn Series, the latest news on upcoming books, book festival appearances, and much, much MORE!
   I wish you peace and kindness this holiday season! Please don't forget those who are less fortunate and those who ask for nothing other than our love: the earth's precious animals!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Good Luck Gagi The Unicorn: "Happy Trails to You" You're on your way to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan!

   Gagi The Unicorn is traveling to many places (due to the many book orders - thank you!) and now Gagi's new adventure is to pack it up and head to New York City!
   "Into The World of Gagi The Unicorn" ( Book One of Gagi the Unicorn Children's Book Series)  is on its way ( via Priority Mail USPS today- hee hee ) to the largest retail bookseller in the United States, Barnes and Noble!  Will they consider placement in their 658 United States retail stores? I guess only time will tell!
   As I patiently wait, I will keep Dale Evans' (a.k.a. Roy Rogers) "Happy Trails" playing in my head and heart; Gagi The Unicorn style:

"Happy trails to Gagi, until we meet again.
Happy trails to Gagi, keep smilin' little unicorn until then.
Who cares about the wait when in my mind it'll all come together?
Just sing a song and think about being in Barnes and Noble together.
Happy trails to Gagi, 'til we meet again.

Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It's the way you ride the rainbow that counts,
Here's a happy one for you Gagi.

Happy trails to Gagi, until we meet again.
Happy trails to Gagi, keep smilin' until then.
Who cares about the wait when in my mind it'll all come together?
Just sing a song and think about being in Barnes and Noble together.
Happy trails to you, 'til we meet again...."

Until we meet again Gagi...maybe, just maybe, in Barnes and Noble- together again! ( I now see me riding a unicorn into the sunset.....ha ha ha!)

Picture Day!

   Today Into the World of Gagi The Unicorn ( Book One in the Gagi The Unicorn Series) revealed it's more polished professional side. These pictures show the actual board book. Look how bright the colors are :) I wish you could see the size and feel of the book ( well; you can by ordering one ha ha).     
     I read this book to a little girl just the other day and after I was done reading it; she politely asked if she could take the book so that she could read it to her baby doll. It's the perfect size for a child to feel like they are the parent and in way that they know they are really holding onto something special!
    There are just a few advanced signed copies left and are available at

Thursday, December 18, 2014

"The Gagi The Unicorn Giving Program" is being developed ...Here's to HOPE!

    I posted my very first blog yesterday and now it's time to keep moving forward in the many adventures of Gagi the Unicorn Children's Book Series.
    Up next; I am trying to finalize the logistics of how "The Gagi The Unicorn Giving Program" will be implemented. Every book sale from "Into the World of Gagi The Unicorn" ( Book One) will help pay for printing of Book Two; "Look At Me". "Look At Me" is a very, VERY special project I have been working on for the past five years ( all of the books in the series have taken this long in combination). How "The Gagi the Unicorn Giving Program" will work is when you purchase a copy of the book you will receive your copy and one will be donated to a Children's Hospital of your choice. 
     Please pray I can get the logistics worked out so that this will become a reality!! The book will retail for $9.99 each ( $19.98 total ) and has 28 pages ( the first book retails for $8.99 at 24 pages ). Imagine a child and a family receiving their own big and bright board book when they are admitted into the hospital- priceless!
    "Look At Me" is in the same format as the first book with its bright and colorful pages and rhythmic story. But, what's different about this book is that Gagi has no hair or pattern! Why? Well, Gagi is a patient going through Chemotherapy in the hospital and this is Gagi's journey. Through it; Gagi gets better and waits for the reader to get better too so that they can go home to learn and play.     
        One of my favorite illustrations that I have created; is a page where Gagi looks into the mirror and from the outside Gagi looks pale and has no hair yet  Gagi only sees a beautiful and colorful unicorn! This is so true with children who are sick. Though it is so tough for parents to have to endure and painfully see; children don't realize how sick they are. With their innocence comes strength and beauty and from their illness comes a lesson for us all!
     I was diagnosed with Carcinoma In-Situ Cervical Cancer when I was pregnant with my daughter, Catie ( the sweet little girl from book one who created the word "Gagi"). I was given two choices: eliminate the pregnancy or take a chance and carry her to full term. My, my how choices create our world! I am so thankful Catie is here and I am in remission. I truly believe she saved my life from early detection and I saved hers! This book is my way to give back what life has given me- more time!
      This book will NOT be sold in stores and will be available on my website: solely.
  I hope and pray this becomes a reality! I truly believe this is the reason Gagi continues to grow and continues to move forward in many adventures we all will see; each and every one of them...Where will you be?


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gagi the Unicorn is Here! Who is Gagi anyway?

This is my very first post and I hope you will join me in celebrating the creation and life of Gagi the Unicorn.
    I wrote, created, and illustrated a series of children's picture books for children ages 3 to 6. Gagi is  a sweet and kind spirited unicorn who is either a boy or girl. You get to decide!
   What does "Gagi ( pronounced "Gah-Gee") mean anyway? Well, my daughter, Catie, had the funniest words as a baby. Before she could formulate the proper pronunciation of words; she would make up her own ( just like most children do!). She couldn't say "I love you" but she could say "Gagi" mama Gagi. She would hug me every time she said it; which made me realize what it meant.
    Catie loved unicorns almost as much as me; well, maybe as much (ha ha) . We would create our own fictious stories at bedtime. Catie eventually would always end our bedtime stories with this one:
   "Goodnight with rainbows and unicorns that slide over the rainbows and after they jump on cotton candy clouds and bend down to eat them; they enter the land of candy as you are riding on a unicorn." "Gagi Mama, Gagi".
   Catie is now a teenager and even to this day; her story has stuck with me. Little did I know, one day her lovely little tale would end up as a children's book series! I am full time writer ( yes, my dream has come true). I am currently working on an adult novel that I thought would be the first published. Boy, was I wrong!
 Though some feel picture books shouldn't have a rhythmic flow to them, these books do for a reason. Everything is about kindness, how fun reading can be, and how important visual illustrations are to the one who is interpreting them. To me, everything is about personal interpretation; what you see may not be what another does. How you feel about something may not be how somehow else feels about it. In turn, if even one page ignites a story to the reader; the book has done its job!
    "Just Hold Me Books" is my LLC for a reason. The book is published in a large 8"x8" glossy board format so that two people can enjoy reading it. Imagine a child being held when reading a big bright book and how one day they will remember it!
   This series has taken me well over five years to create (and yes; it is still ongoing!). Every single page that I create must emit kindness and most importantly bring a smile to the reader!
    "Into the World of Gagi The Unicorn" is now available on my website; or www.marycatherineleakan. It is available on Kindle and Amazon as well.
"Let us explore the many adventures to see; each and every one of them....Where will you be?
    Join me on my blog page to see how Gagi The Unicorn develops!