Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Enchantment of Learning The Dance of Gagi The Unicorn

   Today the weather here wasn't the best; so I decided to take advantage of a nice walk indoors. That is, a lovely journey into The World of Gagi The Unicorn, Book Two "Look At Me".

   Have you ever felt like you just knew something was off but you couldn't put your finger on it as to why?  Frustratingly, this is how I have been feeling about one of my illustrations for Book Number Two. It just really didn't seem right. I kept revising and changing it; yet knew it could be far more than what I had interpreted it to be. Interestingly enough I decided to walk away from it and just let it be. Or did I?

    One foot in front of the other I left my writing and illustration room only to turn right around.  Sometimes the simplest solutions are right in front of you, literally, my dancing feet showed me this :)

How I am moved
How I am guided
How I tango in
Awaited revelation
How I dip
How I spiral 
In life's dance
With and without frustration
How I allow
To hear
Like music in greatest of affirmation
How I know
How I am given
The greatest in spiritual translation

Though I have many more revisions to make to my illustration; I know it will dance when it hears the music play  :)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Whispers among the clouds Hope from beyond the Stars and Look At MeGagi The Unicorn

        When is the last time that you took the opportunity to close your eyes and wish for inner peace?

   Many of us share the commonality of multiple stresses each and every day; but have you ever thought about what it would be like in the midst of a storm to just look up and whisper words of thanks and praise among the clouds? How lovely would it be to be made aware that there is hope from beyond the stars.
   I know life can be hard! I have struggled with many very emotional challenges; seemingly all at once. So many times I would ask "Why?" instead of "How?" I have learned over the years that the moment I begin to cry, I understand  how important it is to just let it go and look up to the wondrous sky and ask "How do I learn from this?" Somehow, it immediately makes me smile and realize:

             My eyes remain to see the light from the sun and the shimmer from the stars
             My hands and feet can still move and feel the coolness of the lively earth
             My ears hear promise and peace in turbulence and in calm
             My senses smell and taste good things to come and
             My heart beats on
                                             and for that; truly...I am blessed

 When is the last time you took the opportunity to close your eyes and wish for inner peace?

How about taking the time to whisper a breath of thanks and praise among the clouds for your health and ask for healing from far and beyond the stars for those who are so sick and weak.

Inner peace will come- It will come :)

   I am finalizing the last five pages of the second book in the Gagi The Unicorn Children's Book Series. This is a very special book and is very near and dear to me. I hope is touches you as it touches me. The book is called "Look At Me". It is about a sick little unicorn that is in the hospital. Gagi The Unicorn may have no hair ( due to Chemotherapy) and although Gagi spends most days in a hospital room; the sweet little unicorn continues to have such a lively, happy and playful spirit. Gagi wants the reader ( and patient)  to know that in dealing with sickness; a positive and energetic attitude can change everything!
     I have worked for the past two years on the illustrations and Page 22 still makes me cry every time I see it.  My goal is to have you share this book with every single child, sick or well.  And for every book you purchase, one will be donated to a Children's Hospital. This is a large colorful picture book and will not be sold in stores. There are 28 pages to this book!

    Until all copies of the first book "Into the World Of Gagi The Unicorn" are sold, this will not be released. It is available proudly at,, Kindle, and the website.

    The third book entitled: "Goodnight Gagi" has been written and the illustrations are complete ( onto graphic colorization !). This book is what started the series in the first place. More to come, More to come :)          

   Please check out my website: for the latest updates and @marylandmcat on Pinterest for the latest "Look At Me" secret upload illustrations.

Monday, January 5, 2015

G'day and Hola Gagi How are ya?

                                                  Hi and G'day Gagi! Hola Gagi tambien!

   Gagi the Unicorn became International today! Into The World of Gagi the Unicorn, the first book in a children's picture book unicorn series, is now available through my website and can be shipped outside of The United States ( International First Class USPS) to: Mexico, Australia, and Canada.
   Please allow 1-2 weeks for Mexico and Canadian residents and 2-3 weeks for Australian residents ( The shipping times are probably a lot shorter and I will update once I have shipped to these countries. Please bear with me as this is a work in progress; it's always a work in progress :)

    There will be ten books that will complete the entire collection. The large 8"x8" glossy board books are  for children ages three to six. They will love all of the bright, shiny and colorful illustrations.
    What's neat about The Gagi the Unicorn series is that a child gets to decide whether Gagi ( pronounced Gah-Gee) is a boy or girl! The intention of the series is to ignite a child's own personal interpretation and in turn create their own magical story!
   The book's printing quality and format was very important to me; you will see why when you get your own copy! ( The format is the reason why I named my company 'Just Hold Me Books LLC'... you will see why  :)
    Check out my website for more information and for the most current updates regarding the second book in the series; "Look At Me". (This is a very special book and will be part of the Gagi The Unicorn Giving Program. See my site to see what it is all about :)


Thursday, January 1, 2015

To the One Who Knows...."The Memories of Night Trees..." Here's to a great year and now 2015!

   Our world is made up of the most wonderful imaginations and dreams. We have and are who we are because someone decided to believe in what they envisioned, someone decided to act on what they passionately felt, and someone bravely risked taking that leap of faith so that we, you and I, could partake, expand, and explore in our own possibilities.

   I remember when I was a child, I kept thinking about how old I would be in the year 2000. (It's 2015!?!?:)  That didn't even seem real nor did what my future could possibly hold. I had no idea who I would become or what I would be though I did know; even then, that something magical would happen. I was in a high school Advanced English class and the assignment was to write a poem or prose that spoke to you. I went home, thinking, "What speaks to me?" It was funny, because one of my best friends at the time called me and said," This assignment is stupid. I am just going to write something like 'Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate this class and maybe you too". I thought to myself; hmm.. "What speaks to me....ROSES!! What is more beautiful on this on the earth, and for that matter, it must be here for a reason or for someone!"  I loved poetry from then on and to this day, many of my poems on twitter ( @marylandmcat ) have that same essence in earth, nature and beauty.

    Its a New Year and it's time to explore your path, both old and new! We all know there will be obstacles but never forget; you and your dreams ARE truly worth it. (How curious is trying circumstance in the moment; so seemingly dire, yet in outcome, quite contradictory and even glorious! How wonderful is vision in all capacity and in all senses when driven passion is acted upon so adamantly that somehow it is knowing,  it is sure it is creating something magical in our universe.)
 I hope that you will visit my website for updates on Gagi the Unicorn including the newest project of "Look at Me". I am working on creating a Gagi the Unicorn Giving Program where a child will be given their own copy when they are admitted into the hospital. This program will be because of your generosity. When you purchase a book one book will be donated to the hospital of your choice.
   This project will not get off of the ground unless I gain exposure to it. What that said; I am hopeful ( with many prayers backing it) in 2015 to find a someone who can help me endorse this program. ( Someone who loves children and magical unicorns! Calling all celebrities??? :)

    On that note; I leave you with this.... ( I think it is quite fitting....)

 A New Year's Poem: ENJOY! :)

" The memories of night trees
The shadows in forests too
Look to the light when you gaze up to the moon
The barren desert fields
That meet even the bluest of skies
The heavens never forget your tearful cries
What imagination that comes
When you learn to let go
What dreams to follow
Somehow they just show
The memories of night trees
The shadows in forests too
In Everything
A purpose
Beautiful YOU "

- Mary Catherine Leakan