Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Enchantment of Learning The Dance of Gagi The Unicorn

   Today the weather here wasn't the best; so I decided to take advantage of a nice walk indoors. That is, a lovely journey into The World of Gagi The Unicorn, Book Two "Look At Me".

   Have you ever felt like you just knew something was off but you couldn't put your finger on it as to why?  Frustratingly, this is how I have been feeling about one of my illustrations for Book Number Two. It just really didn't seem right. I kept revising and changing it; yet knew it could be far more than what I had interpreted it to be. Interestingly enough I decided to walk away from it and just let it be. Or did I?

    One foot in front of the other I left my writing and illustration room only to turn right around.  Sometimes the simplest solutions are right in front of you, literally, my dancing feet showed me this :)

How I am moved
How I am guided
How I tango in
Awaited revelation
How I dip
How I spiral 
In life's dance
With and without frustration
How I allow
To hear
Like music in greatest of affirmation
How I know
How I am given
The greatest in spiritual translation

Though I have many more revisions to make to my illustration; I know it will dance when it hears the music play  :)

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