Monday, January 5, 2015

G'day and Hola Gagi How are ya?

                                                  Hi and G'day Gagi! Hola Gagi tambien!

   Gagi the Unicorn became International today! Into The World of Gagi the Unicorn, the first book in a children's picture book unicorn series, is now available through my website and can be shipped outside of The United States ( International First Class USPS) to: Mexico, Australia, and Canada.
   Please allow 1-2 weeks for Mexico and Canadian residents and 2-3 weeks for Australian residents ( The shipping times are probably a lot shorter and I will update once I have shipped to these countries. Please bear with me as this is a work in progress; it's always a work in progress :)

    There will be ten books that will complete the entire collection. The large 8"x8" glossy board books are  for children ages three to six. They will love all of the bright, shiny and colorful illustrations.
    What's neat about The Gagi the Unicorn series is that a child gets to decide whether Gagi ( pronounced Gah-Gee) is a boy or girl! The intention of the series is to ignite a child's own personal interpretation and in turn create their own magical story!
   The book's printing quality and format was very important to me; you will see why when you get your own copy! ( The format is the reason why I named my company 'Just Hold Me Books LLC'... you will see why  :)
    Check out my website for more information and for the most current updates regarding the second book in the series; "Look At Me". (This is a very special book and will be part of the Gagi The Unicorn Giving Program. See my site to see what it is all about :)


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  1. Congrats! Big step forward in a very meaningfully journey.